Kalbarri, Western Australia. || Adventure Awaits.

After an early start on Saturday and 7 hours later, we found ourselves driving through the wildflower lined roads into Kalbarri.


As soon as we reached our destination, it felt as if the weight of the world had lifted off my shoulders, all of the worries of everyday life just drifted away like waves crashing along the shore.

Having never been to Kalbarri or that far north, I didn’t know what to expect but what I was greeted with was a picturesque coastal town with friendly locals, delicious food and a stunning coastline.

I think the secret of this town and its ability to put you into holiday mode is due to the low tourist numbers. Even on a long weekend, the town wasn’t over run with inbound tourists or endless wineries or gourmet produce stores (which I have been accustomed to when we have headed down south to the Margaret River Region).

Along the way we made a few stops for food, to admire the coastline (in Geraldton) and at the iconic pink lake in Port Gregory (also known as Hutt Lake).

Once we had reached Kalbarri, we went for a short walk down to the coast line at Pot Alley before checking in to our suite at the Kalbarri Edge Resort.

We headed back out to see parts of the town, grab a bite to eat and we ventured out to Mushroom Rock to go on the short walk where we found ourselves standing next to the ocean moments before dusk was about to fall.

For dinner, we dined at the local tavern (Gilgai Tavern). If you’re craving a tasty meal which is value for money, I’d suggest giving this place a try. However, if you do want to dine in for dinner, you should consider making a reservation as it can get booked out.

When Sunday rolled around, I was up early enough to head out to the coast and watch the sunrise.

We ate breakfast at the Black Rock Cafe before heading off to Kalbarri National Park to Nature’s Window. It’s a beautiful part of the park, with breathtaking views of the river below and the natural phenomenon provides a stunning backdrop for a photo.

Once we took our photos, we embarked on the ‘Loop Trail’, a semi challenging 8km return hike which starts at Nature’s Window. The trail takes you along the rivers edge and back up the side of the rock formation. If you have the time, it will take you a few hours (we completed it in approximately 2.5 hours). I’d recommend taking water and snacks though, as you will get peckish.

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 We headed back into town just as the rain began to fall and we stopped in at Angie’s Cafe for lunch.

Next on our list was a visit to the Parrot Park. Neither of us knew what to expect but we had a great time discovering interesting facts about various breeds of parrots (including a few which spoke). It’s not a standard attraction which may be why it’s so interesting but definitely worth a visit if you have an hour or so to spare.

Night rolled around and we ordered takeaway from Kalbarri Pizza and Pasta, there was a wait but I can see why it’s so popular, the pizza and pasta are fresh and delicious.

Monday morning and it was time to say farewell and start the long drive back to Perth. We stopped at the Leaning Tree along the way. It’s a beautiful icon and a good excuse to have a rest break.

Suffice to say, if you want to escape the ordinary and be lost among nature (even just for a day or two), I’d suggest packing your bags, filling the tank, compiling a play list and heading north.


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