​Topdeck USA and Canada || Tour An Amish Village; Experience The Simple Life.

It was time to farewell Harrisburg as we made our way to Washington DC.

On the way, we stopped at the Amish Village to learn more about the simple life. Our tour guide, Dave was amazing and although he isn’t Amish (he’s an Englishman as the Amish refer to everyone who isn’t Amish as) he was able to give us an incredible insight into their customs, traditions and simplistic way of life.


I started the tour with assumptions of how the Amish lived and these were incorrect. I learned that the Amish live among Englishman/within society but are able to maintain their own way of life and traditions by only using what they need. They don’t have electricity in their homes so if they purchase an English house, they will renovate the house to remove the electricity and replace it with gas and/or solar panels. Many are also entrepreneurs, we learned that one gentleman purchased camels to sell camel milk which we were told is a lucrative business.

One of the most important pieces of information we were told was that the Amish are extremely humble people and as such, do not like to have their photographs taken and if this happens then they will be offended.

The tour went for approximately an hour and half and we were shown around the village, in a house and then we drove around the countryside to look at the Amish houses (many had a house and separate barn or those with dairy farms had a homestead and then the farm). The drive was scenic with luscious green crops, farm animals and gorgeous homesteads.

After the drive we arrived at an Amish shop owned by a local family where we were able to sample their home made potato chips and pretzels before being lead to the barn to see their carts and animals. The family had a shop with baked goods and handmade items at affordable prices so if you’re looking for a special/unique souvenir, I’d recommend looking here.

After an insightful tour into the simple life and an included lunch, it was onto our next destination, the capital of the United States (none other than Washington DC. )


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