​Topdeck USA and Canada || Niagara Falls, A Natural Wonder.


All our bags are packed and we were ready to go chase waterfalls. Today’s destination is none other than Niagara Falls in Ontario.

Our first stop was for picnic supplies at Whole Foods. This store is amazing and is filled with an array of fresh produce, shelves of organic products and self serve stations with cold and hot products, a wide variety of cheeses, a delicatessen, bakery and coffee station. Once we all chose our supplies, it was time to hop back on the bus.


Our next stop on the way to this gorgeous town, we stopped at the Ice House Winery (one of 84 wineries in the region but the only one which specializes only in ice wine) for a picnic lunch, an ice wine tasting and a cup of slushy wine.

Then it was time to catch our first glimpse of the natural wonder known as Niagara Falls. We were able to wander around for an hour or so before we put on our red ponchos and embarked on the hf hour cruise to see the three falls from cruise level. You will get wet but it is an indescribable experience, the sheer power of the falls and amount of water is staggering.

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We got caught in the rain walking back.to the bus (just after we all disposed of our ponchos) and then we checked into to our hotel- The Comfort Inn. This property has spacious rooms and a delicious continental breakfast.

It was back on the bus to head off to dinner at Moksha, an Indian restaurant for a delicious buffet dinner.

Once we were finished eating, we headed back to the Falls to see the waterfalls at sunset. Once dusk fell, the falls are illuminated, it’s incredible how the same landscape can change so much from day to dusk and then at night.


If you wander along the main strip, Clifton Hill, you will be overwhelmed with bright lights, amusement venues, souvenir shops, sweet shops and bars. It’s an interesting contrast between the natural wonder and this entertainment strip that’s for sure.

At 10pm, the night sky was illuminated with an awe inspiring display of a 10 minute show of fireworks. The best vantage point is directly in front of the bridal and USA falls. It is a non stop show and it is absolutely magical. If you get the chance, I would class it as a must see. It is a perfect way to end an evening.



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