​Topdeck USA and Canada || Next Stop, Toronto.

After a few days in the French part of Canada, it was time to head to the city where the CN tower is a defining part of the city skyline.

We drove through Canada’s capital, Ottawa where we stopped for lunch after being dropped off at the front of Parliament House.

Many of us wandered down the street (after a look inside the picturesque Fairmont Chateau) to George Street into the heart of the food markets. The streets were lined with people, many of which were carrying food found in the local food hall. For an affordable price, you can treat yourself to a meal from almost any cuisine. I opted for Moroccan.

After food, we were back on the bus and headed into Toronto. For dinner, we dined at The Hot House Restaurant and Bar. A few of us decided to walk up to the CN tower, through the lobby St the Fairmont Hotel and I found a beautiful dog water fountain in a park (Berczy Park).

It was time to rest our heads and when morning rolled around, myself and Monica headed up the CN tower to take in the 360 degree views of the city skyline and on a clear day, it is a sight to see.

On the way, I found the Flatiron Pub, it’s in the centre of the street and it is a beautiful contrast between the modern buildings and skyscrapers.


We roamed the streets and found ourselves admiring the Old City Hall and buildings in the financial district before we caught a train out to Casa Loma. It is approximately a ten minute walk from the nearest subway station.


Entry to the castle is around $27CAD per adult (it is an included attraction in the city pass book which offers a discounted price for admission into 4/5 of the city’s’ main attractions). You have the choice to grab a map and audio piece which also shows photos. If you are a history enthusiast or enjoy wandering around historical buildings and admiring the architecture or learning how others before our generations lived, you will adore this property. It has three levels with military artifacts on the top floor and a picturesque garden with a Cafe on site.

After getting my history fix, I ventured back into town and had a late lunch at the Movenpick Cafe. The Cafe offers an array of food which is self serve and you can dine in or take away.

The sun set and night rolled around and it was time for another ride on the train to get to Absolute Comedy for an 8pm comedy show. For only $10CAD you can be entertained by local comedians for an hour and a half or so. The venue is open Tuesday to Sunday each week with a different headline act weekly. Some of the jokes may not make sense as they reference Canadian lifestyles but you will be in for a good laugh.

After the laughs, it was time to head back and get ready for tomorrow’s adventure.



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