​Topdeck USA and Canada. || Tour De Boston.

Our trip began in New York, New York. After an early start, we found ourselves leaving the big apple for a tour around an Ivy League school, Yale University.


The weather wasn’t kind to us for our walking tour but it didn’t stop us from getting our history fix on the hour and a half walking tour around Yale (in the town of New Haven).

The highlight of the tour for me was learning the story behind the statue erected of Nathan Hale. There weren’t any photographs of this person so in 1914 when the statue was cast, the class of 1914 were asked to pose in their most patriotic stance and from there the statue was designed. So essentially the statue is of an anonymous Yale student from the class of 1914.


We were also shown the library which houses over 180,000 ancient and first edition books (which students are encouraged by their professors to use for primary sources for assignments). In total, there are more than 12 million books on campus.


After the tour and lunch, we made our way to Boston.


This city, home to the Boston Redsox is a charming town filled with grand buildings,  cafes (including the replica Cheers restaurant), a number of shops and the Quincey Markets. If you are a lover of lobster, head on down to the food court and get yourself a lobster roll or bread bowl with soup.


For our first night, we dined near Quincey Markets at Dugnans’ followed by an evening of Karaoke at a nearby pub/club.

Once the morning rolled around, it was time to get cycling. We walked down to Urban Adventours for our 2.5 hour city cycling tour. As the guides put it, it is the best way to explore the city at ground level and honestly, they weren’t wrong. The tour takes you across the city with stops at 10 places including the iconic Fenway Park, Boston community gardens, Charles River, Copley Place (farmers markets are held here every Tuesday and Friday) and Boston Harbour. While you don’t have many chance to take photos along the way, you get to lose yourself in the beauty of the city and admire the architecture.




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After putting pedal to the medal, it was time for lunch and a free afternoon. Myself and three other topdeckers dined at the food hall in Quincey Markets before we headed across the river to wander around the campuses of MIT and Harvard University.



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Next on the agenda was a walk around Prudential Centre and down to Copley Place. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a room here but you have a chance to, i would suggest that you wander through the Fairmont Hotel here, the lobby is exquisite.


We also wandered through the Boston Public Library and I found their hidden courtyard, it would be the perfect spot to immerse yourself in the pages of a book with a drink in hand and forget the world for a short while.


After that, we wanderer to the Cheers Bar to take a photo and dined again in the food court. If you have a chance, try the ice-cream or a toffee apple, you won’t be disappointed.

And then it was time to rest our heads and get ready for the next destination.


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