Amazing Albany. || Explore Australia’s Great Southern.

”blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures.”

– lovelle drachman.


If you have a long weekend and a desire to go on a road trip but haven’t worked out the destination, give Albany a thought.

Four to five hours south of Perth, you will find yourself immersed in midst of a vibrant coastal town. After a weekend in this town, you’ll understand why it’s promoted as The Great Southern. 

If you have more than a few days up your sleeve, you won’t be bored as there are endless activities and sights to see. If anything, a shorter visit gives you a perfect reason to return to discover new sights and experiences.

The locals are friendly, the coastline is pristine and it’s beauty can be seen at dawn, dusk or during the day, it doesn’t look anything less than extraordinary.

If you want to stay in a central location, look for accommodation near Middleton Beach. You will be a short walk down to the coast line, close to the cafes and Three Anchors (a beachfront dining option) as well as a 5/10 minute drive into the town centre. I stayed at Pelicans’ in their one bedroom apartment and it was perfect for a two night stay.


For those who love to break up the journey, there are a number of towns you will pass through on the drive down (or back to Perth). The roadhouses’ have delicious food (sweet and savoury) or the Williams’ Woolshed has a cafe and a few small shops.

& if you’re looking for how to spend a day, here are some ideas..

Watch the sunrise at Middleton Beach. I woke up early on two mornings, the first morning all I could see was fog and the second morning, there was a pastel sunrise to admire.

Go for a drive along Princess Royal Drive and visit the National Anzac Centre.

Head down to Stirling Terrace and look at the Brig Amity. (Tours are operated daily for a small fee if you want to learn the history and walk on board.)


Drive out to The Gap and stand on the lookout platform.




After watching the waves crash in at The Gap, drive back into town via Cable Beach.

Go for a coastal walk at the wind farm.


Jesse & I also drove out to the Stirling Ranges National Park to climb a mountain. We hiked to the top of Bluff Knoll and although it was a challenging climb, the views at the top were well worth the sore legs the next day. (Here’s a sneak peek):



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