John Forest National Park, W.A. || Waterfalls, Trails and Wide Open Spaces.

Days off are for adventure.


Lace up your shoes, pack a water bottle and head to the hills (Perth Hills that is). For a $12 entry fee, you can wander around the ground of John National Park.

Before you enter the Park (if you’re coming from Perth off Park Rd), you will pass the Glen Brook Dam. There are several trails starting from this point or it provides a stunning backdrop for a photo.

The park has a picnic area, two waterfalls (National Park Falls and Hovea Falls) and a number of walking trails (of different lengths and difficulties).

I opted for a 4.4km return walk which took me to the Swan Valley Tunnel via the National Park Falls. This trail is suitable for those on foot or cyclists. The trail is flat and offers picturesque views of Perth City as well as valley in the park. So, if you want a breathe of fresh air and to look out at nothing but a valley of green, John Forest National Park is a must.


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