Lesmurdie Falls, Perth Hills. || Let’s Go Chasing Waterfalls.

If you’re after a short adventure or walk through nature, then you should consider lacing up your sneakers and driving out to Perth Hills.

Located in Mundy Regional Park is a waterfall known as Lesmurdie Falls. These falls can be seen from above or below- depending on which trail you follow.

Today Jesse and I explored the area around the top of the falls- Upper Lesmurdie Falls. Parking is located off Falls Road and from there, you have a few options. You can embark on one of five walking trails- the length and terrain (rocky, gravel or paved) varies.

Jesse and I explored three trails, Cascade Falls, Shoulder Lookout and Lesmurdie Falls. Each trail treats you with beautiful scenery and the chance to see some of the local wildlife as well as views of Perth City.

So go on, let’s go chasing waterfalls..

Cascade Falls.


Shoulder Lookout.

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Lesmurdie Falls.



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