Fremantle, Western Australia. || A Town With More Than Meets The Eye.

Fremantle is a port city with many personas.


It is a town with something for every one. From coffee lovers who can take a walk along the Cappuccino Strip in search of the perfect cup, to those craving a pub meal, to those who want to go for a wander around the markets or get lost in a book store to those who are looking to find that unique item in one of the many boutique stores, you’ll meet people from all walks of life.

More than that, it offers a chance to learn more about the history of Western Australia and the convicts who helped build the town or occupied the cells in Fremantle Prison.  You can go for a walk along the jetty, go on a guided tour through the Army Muesuem or venture down to the E-Shed markets and wander through the Maritime Museum. The possibilities are endless.

Over the long weekend, I visited this gorgeous location twice (to watch bronze being poured by a local artist). The first day I wandered around the J-Shed Markets, Round House and the stores along High Street.


If you have an appreciation for art, I’d suggest a visit to the J-Shed Markets. You can interact with several local artists and admire their pieces (or even take some home with you).


If you can’t stomach the thought of visiting a port city without a walk along the coast, then I’d suggest going for a walk around the Round House (or through the tunnel below). Entry to the Round House is by a gold coin donation and you can read through the signs or look at the photos at your own pace.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you walk around the edge of the Round House, you can stand on a platform where you can take in a stunning view of the ocean. If you want to get closer, you can walk down the stairs and follow the path down to the oceans’ edge.

Once you’ve taken in your dose of fresh air, ocean views, admired the art and learned more about the history of Fremantle, I’d suggest taking a walk down High Street. It’s a cliche but the best things in life are free and if you admire Victorian Architecture, you won’t be disappointed. Each building has it’s own history, character and charm making it a wonderful way to explore the town and spend a day.




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