Bells Rapids. || Take A Walk On The Wild Side.

The best things in life are free.


Located off Cathedral Avenue in The Swan Valley precinct is a beautiful natural attraction known as Bells Rapids.

Entry to the Rapids is free and it provides the perfect backdrop for a walk or hike along one of the many marked trails. You can the lower trail (turn left once you’ve crossed the bridge) and walk along the side of the rapids or you can get your heart racing and walk up a steep rock trail which leads to panoramic views of surrounding bush land and Perth City.

On this occasion, Jesse (my love and partner in adventure) and I opted to go for a shorter walk along the rapids. The trail leads you over the rocks to a marked trail which allows you to walk through the trees.


We were lucky enough to see the rapids with fast flowing water (after a few days of summer rain in recent weeks) as well an array of dragonfly’s and other insects.


I could continue on typing but I’ll just let the photos tell the story. If you want to breathe in the fresh air and be immersed in nature then I’d suggest that you put on some sneakers, byo water bottle, arrive at the destination, cross the bridge, climb over a few rocks and choose a path and follow it for as long as you wish..

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