North Mole, Fremantle. || Escape To The Coast without the Crowds.

Sometimes, you just need a drive to a coastal location to breathe in the sea air, hears the waves crash and take in the beauty of your surroundings.


Sometimes, you also want take in the moment in peace and without large volumes of people. If this sounds like you, then consider a drive out to North Mole.

North Mole is a secluded spot located just past Port Beach in Fremantle. And, if I’m  being completely honest, I had actually never heard of this spot until my visit yesterday and suffice to say, it’s a secluded piece of paradise.

If you enjoying fishing, diving or hopping aboard a boat, yacht or other sea vessel, you’ll find yourself in happiness here. I am more of a land person so while my partner and his group were off diving and exploring what lay underneath the water, I stayed on shore and walked around.


The port offers more than just stunning views out to sea, it also offers views of boats and the industrial side of things- shipping containers. If you like looking at industrial boats and containers, there’s definitely a few good photo (or gazing) opportunities here.

I even saw a gentleman taking photos of his Mercedes, so if you’re after a photo shoot location, this would be an option too- whatever floats your boat really (couldn’t resist throwing in a pun there..)

The highlight of the on land adventure I went on was being able to use the lighthouse as my guide back to the starting point. So take a fishing road, pack some diving gear or simply a book, camera and food and head on out to North Mole- you won’t be disappointed.






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