Point Peron, Rockingham. || Where Land Meets The Sea.

Located in the Shoalwater Marine Park just a short drive up Point Peron Road is a coastal oasis known as Cape Peron.


If you have a morning or afternoon to spare, it is well worth the 50 minute drive from Perth. It’s the perfect place to cool off on a summer day (or to pay a visit to any day of the year to be truthful).


On those summer days, there are plenty of hidden places to pitch a tent, throw down a towel and cool off. If you want to venture away from land, off shore activities include: snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, boating, jet skiing among other water based sports. On a clear day, the water is transparent and perfect for snorkeling, the water clarity is exceptional.


If you’re a land based activity kind of person (like myself) there are ample walking trails, hiking spots or paths for mountain biking. There are historical war sights and several lookouts providing views out to Garden Island, Gull Rock, Bird Island and out to sea. (If you walk out along the limestone rocks, you can look down and see through the water (it’s like snorkeling without getting wet or having to get suited up!)


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