The Crawley Boatshed. || A Perth Icon.

Long story short, I am Perth born and raised. In my 23 years not once have I stopped to look at the iconic Crawley Boatshed. I’ve seen the boatshed in numerous photos (at stores, on instagram feeds and other social media platforms) but never with my own two eyes.


So, today, I decided to go for a drive along Riverside Drive and walk along the Swan River. Along the way I saw a Kookaburra perched on a light post, a pelican surfing the waves of the river and of course, the boatshed. 


It’s both a Perth icon and beautiful attraction, if you walk along the pier, you can take in the view of Elizabeth Quay, Kings Park, The Old Swan Brewery and of course, get a better glimpse of the bright blue building.

For locals and visitors alike, I’d highly recommend going for a walk along the river or even to look at the boatshed (sunrise, during the day or at sunset) and taking in a breath of fresh air.


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