Rockingham, Western Australia. || Swimming With Wild Dolphins.

‘collect experiences- not things.’

On Saturday morning, I was fortunate enough to experience the thrill of swimming with wild dolphins off the coast of Garden Island in Rockingham.

For $205 per adult, you can be whisked away by Rockingham Wild Encounters on one of their cruises.

The adventure begins at 8am at The Esplanade (Rockingham Foreshore) where you’ll be whisked on board and given your own wet suit and snorkel to wear for the day. The boat has an open back so if you want to feel the wind through your hair and breathe in the smells of the ocean, you can (without fear of falling over board).

The cost includes complimentary tea, coffee, milo and water as well as biscuits, a fruit platter and a delicious wrap or salad (depending on your dietary requirements). If you forget your camera or just want to live in the moment, you can provide your email address to the tour operators and they will send out photos taken by one of their staff members.

The best part? You get to snorkel, go for a swim in the ocean and experience the thrill of having wild dolphins swimming around you and underneath you. When you’re back on the boat, you may even get to witness the dolphins showing off by swimming along side the boat and leaping through the waves.

The group is divided into smaller teams and a member of the crew will lead you out group by group (according to the colour of the waist belt you’re wearing) when there are dolphins nearby. You don’t have to swim, just use your snorkel and hold on to the person in front of you.

The tours commence at 8am and finish around 11:30-2:30pm depending on the behaviour of the dolphins (and how easily the crew can locate them to get everyone out swimming with them). At the end, you get to go for a free swim and snorkel off the coast of Garden Island and lunch is served on board.






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