John Forest National Park. || A Nature Lovers’ Paradise.

Whilst it’s true that Western Australia boasts a number of beautiful national parks in rural areas, you don’t have to drive too far to experience the magic of one. From waterfalls to wildflowers, barbecue facilities to being able to eat a picnic on a large boulder- the possibilities are endless at John Forest National Park.

The best part? You can explore the park with ease in just a day trip, making it a perfect backdrop for an adventurous day in the great outdoors.


John Forest National Park is located approximately 25 minutes away from the CBD in the Perth Hills region on Parks Road. For an entry fee of $12 (per vehicle), you can spend as little or as much time exploring the various parts of the park.


If you do choose to embark on a short hike, I cannot stress enough the importance of having a water bottle with you and applying sunscreen. Even on a mild day (20 degrees Celsius), my mum and I were both a little dehydrated by the end of our 4.5km return hike. Hiking boots or sneakers with good grip are also a must have, the trails are covered with loose gravel and if you hike up to the Eagle View Lookout via Jane Brook, there are also rocks to climb up and over.


This park has it all, wildflowers, birds, waterfalls (yes, there are two waterfalls in the park), large trees, hiking trails and panoramic views of Perth city (for those who are adventurous enough to hike up the Eagle View Trail).  In the words of TLC, ‘let’s go chasing waterfalls’.

The two water falls in the park are: Hovea Falls and National Park Falls. On my most recent day trip, I took the trail leading to the National Park Falls (the view from the top and bottom of the falls is equally impressive).


The park is not open 24 hours and camping is not permitted. There are trails suitable for mountain bikes or regular bikes but some of the trails are accessible by foot only due to the terrain.


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