A Weekend In Bridgetown. || Australia’s South West.

Sometimes all one needs is time amongst nature to recharge.


If you’re craving an escape to the country or just a spontaneous weekend getaway, Bridgetown may just be the destination you’re looking for.


Located three hours south of Perth, this charming small town is part of the Blackwood Valley in Western Australia’s South West region.

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If you choose to stay overnight, you will find yourself spoilt for variety- from cottages and farm stays , to b & b’s and hotels, there’s accommodation to suit every need (and budget).

You can park on a side street (or on the main street) and take a stroll through the town centre. There are local shops, wineries, antique treasure troves to explore (not to mention Wags Emporium and the gardens surrounding Ford House) and even a candy store to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings!

If you’re feeling peckish, there are a number of cafes and other dining options with indoor and outdoor seating available. On a sunny day, you can just sit back and watch the world go by. I chose to dine at Cafelitto for a late brunch (I’m talking 2pm- horray for all day breakfast menus) and the food was delicious.


After a bite to eat, you can always take a scenic walk down and around Blackwood River. There are two overhead bridges, ducks swimming along the river and an array of trees to walk under.


My first visit to Bridgetown was four years ago and I’ve had fond memories of my time there ever since. I’ve been meaning to drive back there and once I saw the information for the Taste of Blackwood Festival, it was decided- it was time to go back.

I stayed over night at Ford House, a historic homestead located just off the main road through town. As an aside, a continental breakfast is included in the room rate and you get to dine at a beautifully set long table. Breakfast is served daily between 8am-9:30am. The historic house is gorgeous and the garden provides the perfect setting to sit back and relax (with a book, glass of wine, good company ect).

On the drive down or back to Perth, you can always stop in a town on the way like Balingup, Donnybrook or Greenbushes. If you enjoy learning about historical places, the shire of Greenbushes has constructed a heritage trail with signs explaining the significance of buildings and locations around the town. Near the school, there is a path leading up the Mining Lookout. It’s definitely worth the uphill hike!


So whatever the reason for your trip, I promise that you’ll enjoy the journey as much as the destination. It’s an easy drive with beautiful scenery to gaze out the window at with ample places to stop for a rest, coffee or to grab a bite to eat.



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