Cockman House, Woodvale. || A Historical Sunday Afternoon.

Sunday mornings are often reserved for sleepin’s but if you find yourself wanting to spend the afternoon outdoors, you should look no further than a short drive to Woodvale.

Located north of Perth just after the intersection of Wanneroo Road and Ocean Reef Road in Woodvale lies a heritage homestead situated on the brim of a stunning regional park. If you want to step back in time and have a glimpse of how other generations lived, here is your chance.


For years I have driven past the heritage attraction, making a mental note to myself to one day stop in and have a look around and yesterday was that day. Open on Sunday afternoons between 2pm and 5pm with entry is by donation is beautiful homestead called Cockman House. 

You can walk around the garden, discover the veggie patch and the outhouse and take in the views of the national park behind the fence or start your tour inside the house.


There are volunteers close by if you have any questions or you can go on a self guided tour. There are information sheets with details on each room and the outdoor area provided by the donation box.


If a breath of fresh air is what you need after an educational experience and stepping back in time, then you should drive no further than say, 300m up the road to Yellagonga Regional Park…. (here’s a sneak peak- to be continued on next post).




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