Mundaring Weir, Perth Hills || Exploring A Heritage Pipeline.

Mundaring Weir is located approx. 40 minutes out of Perth in the Darling Scarp (Perth Hills) region. Entry to the site is free. There are tables, bins, toilets and facilities ample for families, barbecues and places to take in the scenery.

The lake created by the dam was called the Helena River but it is is now known as Lake C.Y O’Connor.


The No.1 station is a working piece of history and was designed by C.Y O’Connor. The Weir is still in operation but the bridge is open daily between 8am and 5pm to those who are interested in walking along the Weir (bridge).

There are two lookouts; the northern and southern lookout which both provide beautiful views of the lake and Weir Wall.


If you walk across the Weir bridge, you can walk up the stairs across to the C.Y O’Connor memorial or sit under the tree and glance upon the rose garden (when in full bloom- during the months of Spring).


The Bibbulmun Track travels passes through the site so if you want to say you’ve walked a part of the track, here is the perfect place to visit! If you turn to your left once you’ve walked across the Weir bridge, you can start walking a part of the trail and see another part of the Golden Pipeline.



If you park at the No.1 Station, you can walk across the bridge and down to the Mundaring Weir Hotel. There is also a craft gallery which is open on weekends if you’d like to see works by local artists. On Sunday afternoons, there is live entertainment at the hotel and the cafe and bar is open.

So if you’re looking for a way to spend a few hours on a weekend when the sun is shining and a breath of fresh air is what you’re chasing, Mundaring Weir should be on your to visit list. If you’re lucky (like Jesse and I were), you may even encounter a few Kangaroos on your walk!




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