Jasper, Alberta || Get Your Hike On.

“I’ve never found time spent among nature to be a waste of time”- Unknown.

The romantic/wanderer inside me agrees with that quote. A breath of fresh air, gazing on new landscapes or looking up at a cloudy sky on a sunny day- it’s like chicken soup for your soul.


One of the benefits of living in a national park is being able go for hikes that only start a few minutes away from your house- as I have recently rediscovered. At long last, the temperature has started to warm up in town which may mean saying goodbye to snow covered landscapes but it also means that the hiking paths aren’t as heavily covered in ice so the chances of sliding down a mountain are somewhat reduced.


As much as I love getting my cardio on at the local gym, it’s nice to take the workout outdoors, to push yourself and breath in fresh air. Depending on the intensity, the length and desired viewpoint, there are hiking trials for every body.




From the mud trodden trails to the flat ground strolls on solid ground, you’ll never feel bored.


I’ve already been for two hikes this week, can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon on a day off to be perfectly honest.


With seats like this close by- why would you want to spend a day inside?




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