Jasper, Alberta. || Capture The Moment.

Seeing as it’s been almost one month since my last post, I figured it’s time to put some words down. It’s not that I’ve been hibernating, I just haven’t stepped outside of Jasper for a while and I figure, why write about the mundane?

Then on my stroll to the gym earlier today after encountering a trio of elk, I realized adventures can happen at any place or anytime, you don’t always have to leave your point of origin to witness something note worthy.


The thing I’ve been discovering about embarking on a working holiday is that you’ll have the chance to meet and be surrounded with amazing people, you’ll have moments where you realise how grateful you are to be here and at other times, it’ll feel like groundhog day. Living out of a suitcase wardrobe, waking up for work at the same time each day (unless you forget to set an alarm..) and trying not to have a second lunch every day can get a bite repetitive but when you start to feel down, you just have to ask yourself if you’d trade it to be back home or if you regret taking the chance and the answer is almost always a no.

16th Jan 2016

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll get itchy feet and be too ready for another chance to hit the road and venture out of town or you’ll begin to walk different ways home just to experience a new view, if you stop to live in a moment, time won’t freeze but you’ll have another memory to treasure once it’s all over.


With the reflective points done and dusted it’s time for a brief update. During the past month, there have been outings to the weekly community dinners on Sunday nights, nights out on the town for a staff party, wings at Champs, a few farewell outings, Australia Day celebrations (including a bikini photo shoot on Schoolhouse with Georgia) a brunch at Papa George’s, dining out at Earls, some snuggling of snacks into movie sessions at the Chaba Theatre and short walks around town just to take in the fresh air in the slightly warmer weather and capture the near snowless (in some places) landscape amongst other things (like work.)

Some snow has been falling allowing for snow angels to be made on the road (as I may have done one morning before work..) and it makes snowboarding/skiing a little less painful which is always ideal.

The sun is loitering for longer so the winter blues have almost disappeared and the wildlife are starting to re-emerge around town. Birds, elk, squirrels, the odd wolf and even blow flies (a sound I haven’t missed in the slightest!)


Being up before dawn has its’ perks because it allows you the chance to watch the sunrises at work. As of late, there have been some breath-taking pastel sunrises which start out with soft hues of pinks and oranges and if you wait long enough, you can watch the colours deepen and the sun rise over the rocky mountains. As much as I enjoy coffee in the morning to wake me up, there’s nothing better than a beautiful sunrise and the fresh air to start your day off.


I guess it just goes to show that if you find the beauty in every day, it’ll begin to find you instead. 






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