Whistler, B.C || Escape To A Winter Wonderland.

Four days into the new year and it was already time to embark on the first road trip for 2016. The destination? Whistler, North America’s largest winter resort.

After 2 months of not driving and never having driven a left hand drive car, I was a little worried about getting behind the wheel but after a quick lesson on driving in winter conditions, Amy and I were ready to hit the road.



We opted for the ‘fastest’ route which took us through several small towns with breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, cloudy skies and Seton Lake- a viewpoint we almost missed but was definitely worth almost getting blown away and frozen for.


We drove on windy roads, behind trucks which unleashed our inner road rage, into snow and around the mountains stopping to wind down our windows to take scenic photos, to get petrol and to switch roles between driver and shot gun.


Ten hours later and we found ourselves pulling up outside Club Intrawest in the Upper Village.



The village lights up at night with the streets filled with people of all ages window shopping, walking in the snow or heading out for dinner at any of the numerous restaurants and cafes scattered around the way. The streets were still alight with Christmas lights which added to the winter wonderland atmosphere and charm of the village. Whistler definitely personifies a white winter.



If you walk down to the Blackcomb Village, you can see the 2010 Winter Olympic Rings and the location of where the medal ceremonies took place.


During our stay, Amy and I experienced different parts of Whistler. She spent the time skiing over the mountains’ terrain and making use of the peak to peak gondola while I decided to be a ‘non skier/non snowboarder’ and relaxed.






I took in the sights and went for a walk around Whistler and Blackcomb Village on my first morning and wandered around Club Intrawest. If you like saunas, heated outdoor pools, spas, you’ll find yourself in heaven. I made use of the in house gym on the second day after indulging in some delicious food at a few of the restaurants.



On the second day, I opted for more sight seeing and went for a short walk around Lost Lake. The terrain is flat and offers picturesque views of the mountain, snow covered trees and leads you up to where the cross country skiing classes are. Whistler offers a variety of free attractions if you’d rather spend your money shopping or indulging in good food, tax free alcohol or chocolate (or clothes, snow gear, off mountain activities- the list is endless!)



Whistler is a winter resort which has something which will appeal to every person, whether you want to carve up the mountain, go cross country skiing, be adventurous and bungee jump, go for a dog sled, a wine tour, go snowmobiling at night, tobogganing or try ice skating at Blackcomb Village or simply relax, you won’t find yourself experiencing cabin fever.





This winter resort is what you make of it, you can create your own tailor made adventure.




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