Lake Patricia, Jasper || Take A Hike.

Winter and hikes may seem like two words that shouldn’t be in the same sentence or even put together but they’re definitely worth layering up for.

Yesterday Stu and I took a hike (or a short stroll- depending on which one of us you ask) to Lake Patricia. The trail takes a few hours to complete depending or a little longer depending on how many times you stop to take in the view, take photos or find yourself stuck in powder (as I seemed to quite a few times!) If you start from Bonhemme Street/Pyramid Lake Road, you’ll find yourself walking up a hill and a view of Jasper to take in.




Imagine postcard views, snow covered trees, awkward eye contact with elks just out for their morning stroll and mountains in the background and you’ll find yourself in Jasper National Park.





The good thing about the trails is that there are signs and numbered trails so it’s difficult to get lost (unless you’re avoiding elks after making eye contact and wondering if they’re going to chase you down or not.)




The hike itself is scenic with snow, trees, mini streams underfoot and picturesque views of the Rockies and frozen lakes (which aren’t too frozen just yet.) If you feel the cold, I’d suggest rugging up because it’s a bit brisk (especially if you keep taking off your gloves to take photos and have to ask for help to get your gloves back on like I may or may not have done..)



Lake Patricia is a stunning spot with views of the Rockies, trees and it feels like you’re just standing still in a winter wonderland. It’s definitely worth braving the elements for and most of the hike is on fairly flat terrain so if you’re not a fan of cardio or tough terrain, I’d recommend it. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can continue further on the trail and find yourself at Pyramid Lake.




With coffee  on our minds so we strolled back down into town and thawed out at ‘The Other Paw Bakery’ with some slices and warm cups of coffee instead.




So, if you’re up for a hike and don’t mind a bit of cardio to be rewarded with some awe inspiring views and stunning landscapes, Lake Patricia may be the trail for you.

& cue our tourist style photos.










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