Jasper, Alberta || Walking On Snow.

‘Every morning you have two choices, to continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them.’

Now, normally I am all for the latter but today I should’ve just stayed in bed. Waiting for the bus up to Marmot, I was wondering why I moved and then strapping on my boots to my snowboard, I still had the same feeling. Anita and I just weren’t feeling it today. We did two runs down the hill and the boots came off (I walked back inside with my boot attached to my board because I couldn’t get my binding off- talk about defeat.) The snow was falling and there was a lot of powder on the runs which made falling over a lot less painful but getting up took effort- the struggle was a bit too real today. On the plus side, I am feeling more confident with getting off lifts without causing a 5 person pile up and can go down runs without falling over every few metres.

8th December 2015

Sulking aside, it’s been another eventful week. As cliche as it sounds, Jasper may be a small town but no two days are ever the same- something I am all for. I’m not one for living life like Groundhog Day, it’s just not ideal.


Seeing as it’s advent calendar time and the countdown to Christmas is on, I felt like a night looking at Christmas lights was in order. So, Friday night involved a stroll with Stu around town to do just that. It may have been too early because there weren’t many lights out but the ones I did take photos of were beautiful.



Fast forward to Sunday night (which then blended into Monday morning). The night started with a group dinner at Famoso’s to celebrate a birthday. The restaurant was affordable, had a good atmosphere and the food was delicious (when it eventually arrived after a few of us went from chatty to hangry) and my Cafe Amore had the right amount of coffee to Baileys’ to whipped cream ratio. Following some pre-drinks, a group of us danced the night away until closing time and found ourselves ordering wedges from Mac’s at 2am- again. I woke up with about 15 packets of various sauces in my handbag but that’s another story.


Yesterday was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the Rockies were visible in each direction. Definitely made the stroll into town worthwhile.






Last night involved a drive out to Hinton with Amy, Michael and our two supervisors to source Christmas decorations for the rental shop. Being able to impulse buy Christmas decorations, tinsel, stockings, hats, bows, wreaths and other items was a lot of fun.  Following a trip to Macca’s, we got to collect some food stamps and act like tourists out the front of Freson Bro’s Supermarket. I know it’s sad to get excited about supermarkets but there were so many products to look at- my kind of window shopping.


After posing for selfies in front of the bear, we got to select our Rental shop Christmas tree. The best part? It’s a real tree! The drive home included checking on the tree through the sun roof to make sure it was still there- the good news? We didn’t lose it.

I’m finally acclimatizing to the weather- I’m proud to say I can walk around in minimal layers with no mittens and still feel nice and toasty. Which means more photo taking opportunities- it’s the little things.






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