Jasper, Alberta || A Whole New World.

I found myself wide awake at 5:30am this morning and lyrics to a song came to mind, ‘when you’re happy like a fool, let it take you over, when everything is out, you’ve got to take it in’ (the good life- one republic) and that sums up my current state of mind perfectly.
 It’s only been one month since I left home to fly half way across the world to commence my working holiday and I’ve gone through the motions. From wanderlust fulfillment, to being in awe of how beautiful Vancouver and Jasper are, from not so sober chicken wing eating at Champs, to dancing and tone deaf singing and 2am potato wedges and coffee runs at Macs to finally working off the hangover at the gym the next day to snowboarding down hills and taking in the view to waiting to have some money in my account and accepting that I won’t be a millionaire by the time my time at the ski resort is over to right now.




It’s been a busy month, some quiet days at work to long walks to and from town (one resulting in falling bottom up on the icy road because I was too busy looking at the snow covered mountains than focusing on not slipping over with groceries in hand) to spending days off snowboarding, watching movies, going for walks just to take photos, to watching movies, eating pizzas, playing beer pong, laughing, late night dancing and meeting more amazing new people.

The wealth from a working holiday isn’t measured in currency but in moments both captured and lived, in experiences accepted and to just living each day as it comes.



I haven’t gone on any road trips other than to Hinton to get groceries or gone for hikes to look at lakes or gone a canyon tour or seen the northern lights but there’s still time. As for right now, just looking at sunrises and sunsets, living in a small town, joining the gym and socializing has made me happy enough.


On that note, here’s to winter and all that the month brings.


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