Jasper, Alberta || The Good Life.

To think it’s been less than two weeks since I first stepped off the bus and took in my first glimpse of Jasper is astounding. Truth be told, it feels like I’ve been living in this town for a lot longer (in a good way though.)
Instead of writing a weekly blog, I’ll just be writing one when the words come- as cliche as that sounds. I don’t want to construct a false reality or pretend that a working holiday is perfect because at the end of the day, I’m still working and having to complete the daily chores (with a few new ones such as snow shoveling). So, not every day will involve hikes, snowboarding or other outdoor activities resulting in a camera filled with photos.



With that being said, I have begun to actually live life again in these past few weeks. Trying new things, saying yes to new experiences and not being afraid to venture into the unknown. The best part? There are still months ahead of unknown, I thought I’d feel scared but instead I feel excited, every day offers something new and unknown, it’s soothing to not be held back by a schedule or have every day planned out before it even arrives.


During the past week I have gone rock climbing, gone for long strolls into town, gone for a mission impossible style shopping trip to Hinton and stocked up on supplies for the next month (we got to venture into a Walmart store and Dollarama) and even attempted to snowboard for the first time. A few of the rental tech’s were nice enough to teach three of us some of the basics on opening day so we could take part in the fun. I had a lesson yesterday and now I can actually turn and go down a hill without falling over every few metres. It’s amazing what you can achieve if you begin to trust yourself and just keep trying rather than giving up.

14th November 2015


I’ve had an epiphany, if you let go of the fact that you may not return home after a working holiday with a bank account filled with funds or be financially wealthy, you’ll realize that what you gain in wealth is life. Being on a working holiday enables you to actually live, to experience new things and to be a part of something incredible. it’s a journey and if you say yes to living, to being involved and being social, you allow yourself to grow, to learn about yourself, to be adventurous, to live and to be happy. I haven’t felt this free, happy or relaxed in an extremely long time, I’m already learning a lot about myself and I’ve grown. I never thought that I’d hear myself say, ‘I need to buy snowboarding gear’ but alas, here I am, working at a Ski resort and uttering those very words.


I thought this post would be more about the scenery and activities to do in Jasper but it’s more of a reflective post (just goes to show how the mind works I suppose). So far this working holiday has given me a sense of freedom, an appreciation for seeing the beauty in each day and taking in each moment as it comes.
Cue, happy face.

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