Au Revior Vancouver || Come What May.

So, my 5 days and 5 nights in Vancouver has come to an end. I can’t say that I’m too sad about it though, I’ve done a lot of inner city walking and exploring.


For my final day, I visited the Vancouver Art Gallery, admission is $20 CAD for adults but the ticket is valid for the whole day. The building is stunning- imagine a white and grey marble staircase, a three story building with ornate ceilings. The ground floor is filled with a century’s collection of paintings with timelines and artist information to provide context on their lives, artistic inspiration and life’s work. Fun fact- don’t try to take a photo of the painting which you connect with, you will be told to put your camera away (I may or may not have learned that first hand). Move on to the next floors and you’ll be immersed in the workings of contemporary artists and their pieces- on these floors you’re permitted to take photographs.





I went for a stroll down to Canada Place and dined at Mahony’s for lunch. If you want a meal with a view, Canada Place is the place for you. There are water planes, mountains, maple trees, boats and buildings.



Vancouver is a city filled with breath taking views, endless streets filled with cafes and restaurants and lined with maple trees, friendly residents and so much more. It’s a captivating part of British Columbia which will steal a piece of your heart and leave you with a smile and camera filled with post card worth photographs.

it’s a place to recharge your soul, to clear your mind and to just live in the moment- something we can all do with once in a while.

So, as I’m reflecting on my time in Vancouver, I’m sitting on a Greyhound Bus (now I can say that I have made my own planes, trains and automobiles adventure already) en route to Jasper, Alberta. I haven’t worked for almost two weeks and as much as I enjoy having free time, it will definitely be nice to be working again in a few days.

Here’s to the next part of the adventure, come what may- the rest is still unwritten.


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