Granville Island || The Ultimate Daytrip.

Granville Island, what a place.

I’ll admit, in my ignorance, I did not realise that you could access the island via car, foot or bus as well as via ferry. That aside, I decided to stroll down to the Yaletown Marina to wait for the Aquabus to take me across to the island.



For a return ticket, it was only $7.50 CAD which is incredibly affordable considering the priceless view you can see of Vancouver to and from the island. It’s always exciting to see a landscape from different perspectives, you always seem to see something new.



Granville Island has a number of small shops filled with gourmet produce, handmade goods and designer wares. There are craft stores, a broom store (yes, it was like a scene from Harry Potter), a brewery, a farmers market filled with local produce (gourmet cheeses, meats, fruit and vegetables, nuts and patisserie goods just to name a few!). If you’re a big kid or have children of your own, there’s a two-story toy building which is filled with various children friendly stores, snack shops and an indoor mini-playground and games centre.


I decided to dine at one of the many vendors situated in the Granville Island Farmers Markets and took my food to eat outside. Fun fact- the signs regarding seagulls trying to steal your food or acting aggressively are not an urban myth- they will eat your food as you’re taking that instagram worthy photo- trust me, that is EXACTLY what happened to me. Fortunately the seagull only got away with a piece of lettuce and not my entire quesadilla (I won’t miss you lettuce, let’s be honest).


So if you’re after a way to spend a day in Vancouver, Granville Island should be considered. You can window shop or browse to your hearts content, go for a walk around the island, sit down for lunch, watch the pigeons, listen to the buskers- the options are endless.




And if you’re suffering from post island adventure blues, if you find yourself in Yaletown, take a stroll down Davie St and you’ll find Urban Fare and that will help, I promise.



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