Welcome To Vancouver || Feels Like Home.

I always find it difficult to think of an opening sentence to my blog posts. Do you start with a long winded sentence or a short statement? I can never work it out.

So, I’ll just cut to the chase. After completing my Bachelor Degree at University, I realised that I wanted to travel and when I stumbled upon IEP’s working holiday program, I did my research, talked it over with my family and decided to go for it. Fast forward to the present and I’m currently sitting in my hotel room in Vancouver, still in disbelief that I am actually here. I’m not scared, I don’t feel lonely, it feels like ‘right place, right time’. I’m ready for an adventure, to begin writing out some short blog posts again, experience a new culture and make some memories. It’s all a cliche, but it’s true enough.

The adventure began with a 28 hour (or there about) trip from Perth, Australia with a flight to Hong Kong and then across to Vancouver. I think I’ve managed to evade being jet lagged with the help of sleeping on the flights and taking asprin.

If you’re flying in to Vancouver and staying in the city, I’d recommend taking the Sky Train- it’s about $10 for a two zone fare and works out a lot cheaper than a taxi- plus you get a stunning view of the city and surrounding suburbs.

I’ve only been in Vancouver for less than a day and I cannot believe how friendly the people are, how nice it is to just go for a walk around town and just be lost in the beauty of the place. Maple trees, wide sidewalks, endless streets of cafes and shops- what more could you want?


I’m currently staying at The Blue Horizon Hotel- if you’re on a budget but don’t want to miss out on comforts, then this hotel would be a good choice. The staff are friendly, there’s free wifi, a large tv, stunning views of the city (day and night) and the room is incredibly spacious for the price you pay. Last night I dined at Abode Restaurant which is attached to the hotel due to the rain (and absence of an umbrella) and it’s great value for money, delicious meals (and the wine is wonderful too).


Fast forward to today and it’s a beautiful winter day with blue skies- perfect for walking around the city centre. I took a stroll down Robson Street to look at the BC Stadium and find Rogers Arena (which is where I’ll be going to an ice hockey game tonight!) and then I found myself in Yaletown. Now, my parents were in Vancouver at the start of last year and said that I had to go to Urban Fare. I can see why, the store is amazing- if you were permitted to take photos- trust me, I would. IT’S THAT GOOD.



Rows of fresh produce, organic items and grocery staples plus a cafe which has delicious salads (amongst other things) and cheap coffees- which are smooth.

I took some photographs while sipping on my warm cup of coffee and wandered back up to my hotel. I just love how at home I feel here, I think I could easily live here (I may be saying something else once the cold weather sets in though!).




And on that note, it’s time to get back to exploring the unknown.



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