Buffet Breakfast Galore In Singapore.

During our stay we had not one, not two but THREE buffet breakfasts. I love buffet style breakfasts, it’s a great way to start each day- especially when you’re on holiday.

I come from Perth, Western Australia and we don’t have a range of easily accessible (or affordable) priced buffet breakfasts so the thought of not having to select something straight off a menu when dining out is always exciting.

Each buffet ranged from $37-$45 SGP per person. It’s not a cheap experience but it’s definitely a worthwhile one.

Buffet day one: We had the buffet breakfast offered by the hotel in their Carousel restaurant. The selection of food and quality was great as was the set up. It was busy with customers constantly coming through the doors which indicates the popularity of their buffet.


Buffet day two: Dad and I walked across the road and up to the Goodwood Hotel. If you’re after a large selection of foods both sweet and savoury, you may find yourself disappointed as the hotel offers a small selection of foods ranging from cereals, fresh fruit, toasts & pastries, an omelette station, cold meats, yoghurt as well as a coffee and juice station. However, the food is delicious across the board and the staff are extremely friendly/welcoming.


Buffet day three: This was my favourite buffet breakfast. Nestled on the corner of Orchard Road, the Marriott Cafe is run by the Marriott Hotel (located at 320 Orchard Road). The buffet selection includes an American breakfast selection, cold fruits and meats, breads and pastries, cereals, pancakes, french toast, waffles, ice cream and luscious desserts. You can sit inside and watch the world pass by or sit outside and listen to the sounds. The price is on par with the other buffet breakfast locations and offers a wide selection of quality items, coffees and cold drinks with great customer service.



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