Sunday In St Kilda.

It’s already been a week since I strolled through the streets of St Kilda but I felt like sharing a few words about the beautiful seaside suburb.

Located approximately 6km south east of Melbourne’s CBD, St Kilda is definitely worth a visit. I had done some research as to what was in St Kilda and my mum, sister and I decided that we should go on a Sunday to see the markets and Luna Park.

There is ample parking for those driving in or a tram line which runs through St Kilda. We walked down the street and took a few photos in front of Luna Park and a few of the Restaurant Revolution building (as seen on Channel 7).

Lais Theatre.
Luna Park.

Once we took our typical tourist style photos, we wandered around the market stalls. The St Kilda Street Markets begin at 10am each Sunday morning and for those who love to browse or look at food, hand made craft items, beauty products, jewellery and art- you will find yourself spending a few hours walking around.

View From The Bridge.

To the left is a long row of market style tents with goods, art and produce and to the right is a number of small food vendors each with a unique menu at affordable prices. My sister indulged in a salted caramel pretzel from one of the vendors and was nice enough to share with my mum and I- our vedict; it was delicious!

St Kilda Pier.
St Kilda Pier + Cafe.

We walked down to the foreshore and ventured out across the St Kilda Pier. It’s not a long walk (I’ve walked along the Busselton Jetty back home/ in Western Australia- the St Kilda Pier is about 1/4 of that distance- not that I’m complaining!). To the right you can see the boats docked and on a clear day, you can see the city along the foreshore. The cafe located at the end of the pier was sadly closed but around the back you can walk down the desk and nestled in rocks, penguins may come out to say hello. My sister spotted a penguin who was rather photogenic!

So for those who want to spend a Sunday basking in the sunlight, looking at items, indulging in food or going for a walk with a view, then St Kilda may just be the place for you. It’s a low key yet bustling suburb filled with smiles, laughter and beautiful sites.

Happy Feet.

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