Eat, Sleep, See Melbourne.

Melbourne, Victoria- it’s a city that has it all. There are streets filled with charming cafes, freshly brewed coffee and menus filled with delicious sweet and savory dishes, charming buildings which take you back in time and a lively pace which makes you wonder if the city ever sleeps.

I just had the pleasure of spending five days in Melbourne, Victoria with my mum and sister. As my mums’ family is located in Melbourne, we found a happy medium of attending family events, catching up and exploring Melbourne.

We opted for the hire car option to get us around town but there is ample public transport in the form of trams, trains and taxis which can you allow you to take the backseat and take in the sights- if that’s your preferred travel style. Parking in the CBD can be quite costly so if you’re on a budget, maybe research a low cost parking area or catch public transport into the city instead.

The CBD is quite large so I’d recommend utilizing the complimentary tram service which runs every day. If you’re lucky enough, you may be able to set foot on an old fashioned tram which are decorated with posters and have retained their initial charming interior.



We started one of our days in the city exploring the Melbourne Museum. Entry into the museum is $12 for adults and free admission for children, students and concession card holders. The museum has three levels with a number of exhibits spanning from WW1, the history of Victoria’s settlement, a dinosaur exhibit, taxidermy animals on display in the wildlife section, a bug and insect display with interactive sections to keep children and the little kid inside us all entertained, a body-science exhibit and a rock/minerals section- just to name a few. For those with little kids, the forest walk is located on the ground floor and has a mini waterfall, plants and trees to hide behind- it’s a place filled with laughter and happiness.

Melbourne Museum
Rocks and Minerals.
Dinosaur Skeletons.

After a few hours, we found ourselves searching for food on Errol Street and stumbled across Toast Kitchen Cafe. The staff were friendly, efficient and the water was served in a recycled gin bottle- can’t ask for much more than that! The prices were reasonable for the size and quality of each meal- you definitely don’t walk out with an empty stomach or feeling short changed. The coffee is fresh, full of flavour and smooth too.



I spent the night at the Vibe Savoy Hotel on Little Collins Street and the hotel is amazing. It’s an affordable hotel with breath-taking views of the CBD, spacious rooms, complimentary Wi-Fi, room service on request and ever helpful staff at the reception desk.


After checking in and taking in the views, we found ourselves having dinner in a bar called La Di Da. Each night the establishment has various dinner meals, you can get yourself a burger with chips and a soft drink for $15 or add $2.50 and indulge in a house glass of red or white wine instead.


The following morning I caught a taxi across the city to meet up with my mum, sister and cousin. It cost less than $7 to get from my accommodation to the Melbourne Aquarium- not bad at all! We caught an old fashioned tram up to Swanston Street and walked up to the State Library. With food on our minds and our moods all changing from content to hangry, we pulled up a chair at Mr Tulk’s Cafe and the cafe did not disappoint. The food was full of flavour, the tea and coffees were all freshly brewed and the staff were wonderful.


The State Library has exhibitions, displays and the chess room leads you to the silent study area which is absolutely stunning. You can walk up to the top tier and look down at the green lamp lights, avid researchers and students and rows of antique books.


We spent the remainder of our afternoon walking down the streets of the CBD looking at various shops, cafe menus (with a visit into Waffee for handmade waffles and freshly brewed coffee) and down side alleys to take in the street art landscapes.


IMG_5991I’ve still got my head in the clouds- even though I’m back at home and into the usual routine.



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