A Stroll Through John Forest National Park.

Yesterday I decided to take notice of the motivational quotes I have scattered in picture frames across my desk and hanging on my walls by taking some time out to enjoy the day- to get back to walking in the sunshine and just living in the moment.

My recharge day took me up into the Perth Hills region to John Forest National Park.IMG_4379

The entry fee is $12 but in my opinion, it is well worth the price. For foodies and families alike there are numerous barbeque and tables set up near the car-park (makes it easy access for those who are lucky enough to have to carry the food, drinks and other necessities from the car to the eating spot!)



I spent about two hours wandering around the park- I walked up to Hovea Falls (about an 800 metre walk one way). The view was quite lovely, 50 shades of green lovely. The falls had no water and as a lover of waterfalls, I was a little sad. On my stroll back however, I stumbled across a little lake which had ducks lazing around and a small cabin on the other side. It was a lovely piece of secluded heaven- the things you find in a national park!

I walked up to the other falls, the walk was a little longer but the views were just as pristine and beautiful. I decided to challenge myself by undertaking a 1.7km walk to the Eagle lookout but I didn’t complete the trail as my caution instincts kicked in once I reached the part of the trail which was covered in old and outgrown bushes (I was a little concerned about snakes) so I decided to retrace my steps and head back. At least I got in my daily exercise in a beautiful setting! Nothing like climbing up and down rocks and stopping to take photos.

I recommend sunscreen, sneakers, a bottle of water. There are trails to suit walkers, horseriders and cyclists. It’s definitely worthwhile visiting if you’re looking for a day amongst nature. 🙂






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