Going North. || Yanchep & Two Rocks.

After working 11 days straight, I felt a little worse for wear. Some may find their recovery in a night out, a night in or a long sleep but I find mine with a day trip to somewhere new (or in todays’ case, somewhere I haven’t been in a year).

I decided to go for a drive north & paid my $12 entry fee to Yanchep National Park. The park has it all, walking trails, a cave, picnic tables, a chocolate tearoom, chalets, kangaroos, ducks, koalas and a lake.


I strongly recommend enclosed shoes and aeroguard- you can’t take many photos before having flies and biting bugs landing on you otherwise! I went for a wander around, walked down some of the trail before heading back to look at the koala’s and the ducks who waddled up to me to show off.


I didn’t do a tour of the Crystal Cave today (I have done the tour on a previous visit to the park and if you enjoy looking at caves and learning new pieces of trivia, I recommend it!).

After taking my photos and having T-Swizzle’s lyrics; ‘are we out of the woods yet’ resounding in my head, I drove up to Yanchep Beach Lagoon. The beach was pristine and I’ve still got sand in my shoes (rookie mistake wearing shoes & socks to stroll along the beach).


I drove to Atlantis at Two Rocks- which is now a deserted adventure park which was operational until the mid 90’s. I don’t know what it was with me and having lyrics in my head but ‘does anybody know the way to atlantis’ was playing as I entered the site and took photos.


So there we are, another day, another long drive and something to blog about.

Happy Tuesday- T.


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