Shire Of Harvey.

Another day, another day trip.

I haven’t been for a long drive all year so I figured it was time to pick a destination and go. I decided on Harvey because I’ve never stopped to explore the town, I’ve always driven through on my way to places in the South West.


It’s only about an hour and half drive from Perth to Harvey or 140km- which provides you with plenty of time to have a talk or sing at the top of your lungs to a number of songs (I may have done the latter). It took a little longer than that because I was easily distracted and stopped to have a look at a few shops and potential photo op locations along the way. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

When I finally reached Harvey, I stopped off at the Harvey River Bridge Estate to go for a stroll up ‘The Big Orange’. For a gold coin donation, you can climb the orange and see the view of the shire. The estate was in bloom, with many an orange dangling from each tree and it was a lovely view. The estate also sells local produce including Harvey Fresh juices, wines and nibblies.


I did some research on places of interest last night and stumbled upon a recommended location- ‘Wildflower Picnic Site’. It was a short way up an unsurfaced road and the view was spectacular. The paths were clearly formed although I was greeted by quite a number of spider webs- spiders still attached. I recommend a good pair of sneakers and using a stick to save yourself from the discomfort of having spiders landing on while you’re trying to live in the moment or take photos- lucky noone was around to see my ‘shake off the spider’ dance! The view of the lake was breathtaking- it took me back to my recent trip to Tasmania.


Next stop was to the Stirling Cottage and main information centre within the town centre. The garden was in bloom which makes for a pleasant stroll if you enjoy walking around gardens. I didn’t stop for lunch at the cottage but the diners all looked content and relaxed with their food and beverages.

I continued up the road and bought some cheeses from Harvey Cheese- their produce is incredible! If you’re a cheese enthusiast, you need their cheese on your crackers or cheese board.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and you can comfortably explore the shire and return home all in the same day.



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