Lesmurdie Falls || Mundy National Park.

For me, days off work call for a long drive to somewhere new or baking.

Seeing as the sun was out and it’s summer, I opted for the long drive. I did some research last night trying to find a new place to go and visit. To my amazement, I stumbled upon Lesmurdie Falls, a national park which is about a 25 minute drive out of Perth and the best part? Entrance to the park is free.

I got up this morning, got my camera, snacks, playlist, water and sunscreen pack ready and headed out. If you’re going by yourself or with a companion who isn’t great at directions, have no fear, there are clearly marked signs leading up to the national park so you can enjoy the whole drive.

At the park, there are maps with suggested trails/paths to stroll around with an approximate distance and time. All of the paths are clearly marked too, which makes it a lot easier.


I spent about 2 hours walking around taking photos and looking out to the city. If you’re not a fan of bob tail lizards, flies buzzing around your face or a lot of leaves and climbing, then the park may not be a good place to go for a walk. If you can tolerate nature in this state, then you’ll love the walk, it’s peaceful and when you reach the falls lookout, it’ll leave you in awe. It’s such a beautiful location which has been left in its natural glory. The flora around the park is also spectacular, there are numerous native plants and large trees with character. Be warned though, water, sunscreen and a sturdy pair of sneakers are a must! There are some unstable surfaces on the descent so if you’re wanting to impress someone or look trendy, probably not the best idea




If you’re a person who likes taking selfies with a view or want a place to have a picnic, there are rocks, scenic lookouts and shaded bench areas which will suit this purpose. I saw several couples on my way around the park and they all seemed quite content, it’s a spot that is tranquil and secluded so you can have some alone time.

Here’s a few snapshots (and a selfie with a view- I couldn’t help myself).

Happy Tuesday!

– t.






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