Penguin Island.

Mondays. Loathed by many, loved by a few.

I decided to hit the ground running this week by offering to take my mum on a day trip for her birthday to Penguin Island. It’s incredible, I’ve lived in Perth all my life and I’ve never been to Penguin Island which is about an hours drive away.

Back to the point, the last time I attempted to catch the ferry over to see the penguins, the tide was low and the ferry could not take anyone over. Fortunately, this was not the case yesterday!

The ferry ride only takes around 5-10 minutes and to watch the 10 penguins who are in the care of the rangers being fed only costs around $23 per adult (inclusive of the ferry ride to and from). It makes for an affordable excursion and mini day adventure.


The ‘little penguins’ were adorable, several were in their malting phase so they had a bit of extra padding which made their waddle all the more cuter to watch.


The island also has a lot of birds including tame seagulls who surprisingly have no interest in trying to take your food. The views from either side of the island are incredible and the water in Safety Bay is pristine. You can even take your bathers, pack a picnic or get your tan on if you so choose.



Mum and I almost got blown away from the strong winds otherwise we would’ve stayed longer to explore.

Here’s to a happy Monday (or Tuesday) for all!



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