Walk In The Park- Araluen Botanical Garden.

Spring, it’s such a beautiful season. After months of overcast days, rain and winds that seem to go straight through the numerous layers of clothing you’re wearing, it’s exciting to birds chirping, trees filled with leaves and flowers blooming at every turn.

I decided to clear my schedule today. I drove almost an hour each way to Araluen Botanic Park. The reason? To see the annual spring festival. It was definitely worth the drive, that’s for sure.

I’ve been to Araluen in the past- I made the drive up there late last year after their spring festival and had a great time wandering around but seeing the park in bloom with the tulips lined up, it was spring personified. There’s just something about sunshine, flowers and being outdoors that makes me content.

I think it goes back to Shakespeare’s quote; the earth has music for those who listen and the age of the romantics. I love just being, I lose myself in the moment and all the stresses just seem to be taken away with breath. It soothes my soul.

The park was bursting with people- young and old, lots of chatter, excitement and photos of the scenery (rather than selfies for a change!)

I walked around for an hour or so and came home with a smile and a camera filled with photos. I definitely recommend the park for anyone who is in or around Perth, there’s a gift shop, tea house and a variety of trees and flowers to gaze upon.


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